Designing drones since 2010.

Meet the Tubular frame family

Tubular "Deadcat box" long-range frames

This design combines the advantages of the TrueX-box with a deadcat design for incredible low-noise behaviour. Mid - & Long-Range. (6")

Tubular "Deadcat" long-range frames

Build your own frame at home! Deadcat-version of the Tubular frame (4", 5", 6", 7", 8" and 12") for Mid- & Long-Range

Tubular "WideX box" freestyle frames

This design combines the advantages of the TrueX-box with a WideX design for less props in view and incredible low-noise behaviour. (4", 5")

Tubular "WideX" freestyle frames

WideX-version of the Tubular frame (4", 6") for Freestyle

Tubular "TrueX" superlight racing frames

TrueX-version of the Tubular frame (3", 5") for Racing / Chasing / Speed

DIY Avata

Build your own avata much cheaper! Uses original parts and adds a custom cnc-cut part.

"Stiffy" frame

Freestyle frame with a low-noise design, arms mounted with bike-chain bolts - changing an arm by just removing 2 screws!

Sting frame naked O3

Very robust due to a cage that protects your electronics, carries the camera as well as the battery. (1.8", 2", 2.5")

Reliant Y6

The Y6 configuration allows putting the camera safe between the front rods while keeping the props out of view. And it just looks awesome :-)

So, who am I?

My name is Nic,I've been designing drone frames for FPV since 2010, which is more than 13 years now. From 2011 to 2016 I even leaped to run my own production and webshop to sell my frame designs under the same label as today: "eyefly".
It was a crazy ride, and I loved every second of it. However, as drones became more and more popular, things got more tedious. When I had 1 support message for every 10th order in the beginning, in the end it was the other way around. It was taking up so much of my time that slowly became "work" instead of "fun". As I never wanted to do it for a living, I pulled the plug. It took me several years to get back into the hobby.
Today I'm back in the game more than ever, and I love sharing my designs for free so everyone can build their own version of it. I'm especially excited about tube frames, as you can build them yourself at home for little money.I love to chat, feel free to hit me up on the channels on my front screen.You are a manufacturer and want to work together? I'm open for that, please feel free to get in touch :-)Happy flights!

Tubular "Boxed Deadcat"

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to design files
6"Mid- & Long-Range1.0Link
7"Mid- & Long-Range0.9Link
10"Mid- & Long-Range0.9Link

Tubular Deadcat

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to Thingiverse
4"Freestyle / Racing1.0Link
5"Freestyle / Racing1.0Link
6"Mid-Range / Long-Range1.0Link
7"Mid-Range / Long-Range1.0Link
8"Mid-Range / Long-Range1.0Link
12"Mid-Range / Long-Range1.0On Discord

Tubular WideX

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to design files
5"Freestyle1.0please ask on Discord
6"Mid-Range / Long-Range1.0please ask on Discord

Tubular "Boxed WideX"

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to design files 
5"Freestyle1.012mm - Link16mm - Link

Tubular TrueX

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to design files
3"Racing / Chasing / Speed1.0Link
5"Racing / Chasing / Speed1.0Link

DIY Avata frame

SizeDesignLatest versionLink to design files

"Stiffy" frames

SizeDesignLatest versionLink to design files
4"removeable arms1.0Link

Sting frames

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to design files
1.8"Freestyle1.0in progress
2"Freestyle1.0in progress
2.5"Freestyle1.0On Discord

Reliant Y6

SizePurposeLatest versionLink to design files
2"Just for fun :-)1.0Link